Off the Pill

Off the pill is a series of videos produced by YouTube phenomenon Ryan Higa. A Japanese- American comedian from Hawaii , Higa has over ten million followers and uploads weekly. He has a few different channels stemming from his main YouTube account (nigahiga, off the pill, Higa TV). He usually vlogs in the form of rants, funny sketches, music videos and my personal favorite – spoofs.  His rants are what he refers to as ” off the pill” , ADHD pill that is and the videos are usually just a quick , disjointed , hilarious little morsel. Higga does a wonderful job at poking fun of popular trends, Hooked on Phonics turns into “Hook on Fonics”.

Higa is only 22 yet and has been uploading videos for about 6 years. His nickname “nigahiga” stems from the japanese word niga, meaning rant and then his last name Higa. His videos have a really upbeat positive vibe to them so i thought it only appropriate the share one entitled “Nice Guys”.

He also has a cool draw my life video up that may be of interest !



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