sxephil : Your New News Source

If I asked you to think of someone who exemplified YouTube, someone whose content is almost a staple of the site, who would you come up with? Jenna Marbles? Ray William Johnson ? Personally, my first choice would be Philip DeFranco, a.k.a. “sxephil”. In the span of five years, DeFranco has established himself as the preeminent source of news and commentary on the site. He has built a considerable audience, with 1.6 million subscribers to the main channel and 578,000 to the vlogs. One of the things that really draws me to his videos are the insights he provides on the YouTube industry. Because DeFranco was one of the first content providers to make a name for himself as a YouTube Partner (meaning he gets a share of the ad revenue made on his videos), he has an intimate knowledge of the way the Internet media industry works.

I find that DeFranco’s main show is actually a good source for news on the topics he covers, especially the more eccentric stories not picked up by the big news networks. He presents himself as being an equal with his audience, simply offering his opinion on crazy politicians or talking about dirty side of the entertainment industry, but never taking himself seriously.

This channel is amazing, and you should definitely check it out at least a couple times. I would rate this channel a 10 out of 10 .


3 thoughts on “sxephil : Your New News Source

  1. Lol this video is really good. I’ve never heard of Philip DeFranco before, but he is entertaining. It seems like a good way to get the news. Thanks!

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