College Humor

College Humor is the best of the best: its a purely entertainment channel geared towards the procrastinating, internet perusing college student .They have built a massive audience of 2 billion viewers by producing videos that cater to a varieties of comedic avenues. If you enjoy playful prank wars perhaps Jake and Amir would tickle your fancy. They post solid parody videos that cover anything from President Obama to Miley`s newest hit song. CH originals usually encompass sketches, viewer videos, funny highlights etc.  They have gained popularity through their ability to drive traffic from the website to this partner YouTube channel. Videos are released on the website one month prior to the YouTube channel launch. College Humor even attempted a television show on MTV but was cancelled after one season.

For all you Breaking Bad fans!


has built a massive audience by building a network of content that caters to all comedic avenues. Whether you’re into the prank wars of Jake and Amir, the self-referential shenanigans of Hardly Working, or the occasional one-off parody video, CollegeHumor has something for you. Now, the massively popular channel has hit a milestone: it has reached three million subscribers on YouTube, becoming just the seventh channel to reach this mark. – See more at:

1 thought on “College Humor

  1. I am amazed at all this—I am a YouTube dummy—-I know there are “channels”—but I don’t subscribe to any. You have piqued my interest—I need to spend some more time with this.

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