Carli Bybel

This weeks review is on a beauty / fashion vlogger named Carli Bybel. This woman is absolutely amazing at makeup and hair and gives super simple tutorials that even i can follow. She starts off every video with a new inspirational quote in keeping with her motto of ” Beauty is inside and out”. Carli has a fun and energetic Jersey-girl personality that makes her easy to watch. She is also not one to use strictly the most expensive makeup on the market. She can make drugstore makeup look just as good. My favorite videos she does are her hair tutorials often inspired by hot new trends. She rocks the big hair and on-point fun new outfits. Miss Carli has over 900,000 followers, this should speak volumes because there are so many girl on YouTube doing tutorials. She has two different channels but both are virtually the same. She posts every few days and i highly recommend checking out her timely post on wild Halloween makeup looks.


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